Taking it off ends with male stripper taking off

Halifax Daily News
Saturday Sept 1 1984

Women have stuffed as much as $300 into his g-string but stripper Danny Eastman says they won’t be seeing it again in public.

Danny, who goes under the name of Italian Stallion, says he’s quit his job at the Lighthouse Tavern on Barrington St. and “after I quit they fired me.”

He says the dispute was caused by the preference of a female stripper, Misty, who is in charge of the dancers, for another stripper, Bruce.

Danny said he enjoyed the job, which he started last January, until Bruce came on the scene six weeks ago. “Bruce is a nice guy and a good dancer,” he said, “but he started going steady with Misty and she started giving me a hard time.”

First, he says, the tavern cut his shows from three a week to two. Then, after he arrived 30 minutes late for an act, his wages were cut from $40 to $25 a show.

“I told them the only reason I was here was for the fun ot it and put in my notice. I said I’d do my last show this Saturday night.”

After Danny told Q104 Radio that tonight would be his last show, he said the tavern fired him and barred him for life.

A tavern employee who refued to give his name said Danny was fird and barred for drinking on the job and threatening other dancers. The wage cut was passed on to all dancers, he said, and Misty wasn’t playing favorites.

“I wanted to go out in style,” said Danny, “but they say if I go down there Saturday they’ll call the cops.”

He says his presence will be missed. “Hundreds of people have told me and the club that if I ever leave they’re not coming back.”

But his public career is over, though he may strip for private parties.

“I just want to settle down and try and find myself a girl friend, somebody who’ll take care of me.”

That may not be as easy at is sounds. “If I took some nice girl to a restaurant it would be pretty hard for her if the waitress recognized me and called me the Italian Stallion.

“I think some women think I’m a whore or something. I wish I could find a nice girl that would just be happy with me.”

He said he enjoyed the job “because I like dancing and don’t mind taking my clothes off.

“A lot of girls told me I’ve got a nice bum and I do my best to shake it around and do what they like.”

His act includes chains and whips. “I’d swing the whip around and carry on with it and take the chain and put in around myself— nothing serious.

“Women have their sexual fantasies and, in a clean act, I do my best to make them think about going to bed with me.

“I never realized how wild girls can be. They seem so respectable and quiet, they just don’t let anybody know about their feelings. They’re embarrassed to put money in my g-string in public, but they will at private parties— I’ve made up to $300.”

He says people like his act because “when I’m up there I smile all the time. I’m happy and people say it looks like I do it because I want to.”

Though some men get jealous “I try to make the boy friends happy by not staying around too long. A lot of guys have put money down my g-string in respect.”