About Me

About me:

I’ve worked in the media for 30+ years as reporter, photographer, editor and graphic designer. I’ve won awards from Canadian Press and Associated Press, shot exclusive film of Prince Charles, had my lens smacked by John McEnroe and been punched in the mouth by small-time thugs in court.

Graphic and web design is less hazardous and more creative. It’s also very satisfying because I get to play an important role in my clients’ activities. I love exploring print and multimedia options with anybody who’s interested, and I’m not worried about closing a deal. We can talk anytime

Creating a website or print project is a collaboration. I don’t just listen and slavishly execute directions. I’ll make suggestions and often come up with ideas you may not have thought of.

Once we’ve decided on an approach, I’ll get to work and submit a first proof on an agreed date and ask for a partial payment. You can make any number of changes to that proof without further charges as long as the main brief doesn’t change. Changes after the second proof may be charged.

Dry facts come to life visually. We know the diameter of Pluto, but we understand it when it’s compared to something we know like the province of Nova Scotia.

with our own commercial theme plus domain and email address. The site comes filled with dummy copy and pictures and instructions on how to edit it, substituting your own material.
PHP programming:

When there are no WordPress or Drupal widgets that fit your requirements we can create them. We’ve built widgets that count words, organize thumbnail galleries, score multiple choice tests and create graphs based on search results.
Flyers & sell sheets:

Nothing makes an impression like glossy paper and high-
resolution print. We’ve done dozens for small start-ups seeking their first clients. A printed brochure is much cheaper than the average cost of a Google Adwords click.
Animated presentations:

Say goodbye to PowerPoint— we’ve created animated interactive presentations for websites that inform, entertain and help close deals.

I’ve shot pictures of dozens of business from a tiny machine shop to a sprawling college. The final product ranges from a website to catalogs and viewbooks.
Video for your next conference:

A simple two-camera setup: one camera on the speaker, the other to get related clips. Edited to two minutes and integrated into your website. Video can be hosted on YouTube or on your own site.
Broadcast emails:

We send broadcast emails for several associations and businesses that keep members up to date and bring shoppers to clearance sales and conferences.

Tradeshow displays:

We’ve done trade show displays from portable pop-ups to giant walls that create their own ambience.
Social Media:

Some clients get more interest from a Facebook page than their website. We can set up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and teach you how to use them.