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This was made from a hospital brochure on vision for use in a website I run for a seniors support organization. It allows users to push buttons to browse through various animations that convey information in a  compelling manner.  Interactive graphics like this are ideal teaching tools because,  unlike videos, they invite the viewer to take part in how they learn.

What we do

This is an interactive animation created with Javascript and HTML5. It’s not a video but it has the advantage that you can click on it to navigate through the presentation. The last panel, ‘Members’, has hot buttons you can click to reveal more information on a map. The method is ideal for ‘explainers’ — teaching concepts in an entertaining manner. They can include quizzes, games and music.

This demo is slow to load because it’s still at proof stage and the photos have not been optimized for the display size.

Whole Truth Home Inspections

Video for home inspector Steve Bunbury. There’s nothing like a video to give a viewer a feeling of getting acquainted with the person they’re going to invite into their home. To make the video flow smoother I roughed in a script which Steve modified and approved. As much as possible the words are his own.