Bison in the Cathedral

Here’s a video done with a conceptual artist for Halifax Nocturne this year. We projected it onto the wall of The Round Church in Halifax recently and are planning more pop-up projections.

BNI Video

I wrote a rough script and shot this video with several members of the Halifax chapter of Business Network International for a nation-wide contest. I had a great time and members loved it. We thought it was a winner, but other members showed a surprising amount of video talent and our entry wasn’t chosen.

School recruitment video

I wrote the script, shot and edited this video several years ago for the International Language Institute in Halifax. As our student had a strong accent I wrote a script for her and had her read one sentence at a time. The original video was lost after the school was sold so you’re watching a version rendered in low resolution to improve load times.

George’s Island

I shot this video with my drone about two years ago and used it to create this ad that imagined tours to the Island once it was open to the public. In fact the Island was opened to the public recently! I tried to create a feeling of suspense and danger with the text and music.

How cheap it is

I put two of these videos together in about 30 minutes. The third, on the right, took longer. All would work well on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

This one is made from a few old photos I had of a theatre project. I uploaded them to Vimeo, put captions on them and added some music.
Cost: Free with the Animoto logo, about $34 a month for no branding, better technical quality, the ability to use your own logo and colours plus access to their top quality music files.

This is a premade video from Vimeo which I could have edited to use my own logo and text.
Cost: C$24 per month, which would include access to their video clips, pictures, music and analytics, so you know how many people are watching.

This one was made with no camera at all. I used stock clips throughout and made up my own story. Cost: let’s talk about it.