Monday July 24 2023: Queensland Beach, Oil Patch

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There is absolutely nothing more refreshing than dunking your bod into the ocean at Queensland Beach.

Applied for job at Fort McMurray oil patch, thanks to info from Sherriann Bella, whom I worked with the summer of 2018, driving Apple cars around Ontario & Quebec. Job pays twice what I earn now but I’d have to live in Calgary and work one week of 12 hour days on and one week off. All this to pay taxes the government has told me it doesn’t care about. They’d be happy to write them off. I breathe the spirit of Dudley Doright! I could work there two years and retire at the age of 78 with ten bucks in the bank.

Net annual income, $56,000 or $4,666/month

Owed to Gov’t, & trustee: $70,000

Pay off at 3000/month = 23 months



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